Do Article Marketing and Bum Marketing is still working?

If you have been in online marketing for any length of time, you're probably at least fairly familiar with the "article marketing" and "bum marketing." If not, do not fret. This article explains two things for you. They are really very simple concepts to grasp, so do not take long to learn them. Then we will discuss the current efficiency (or lack thereof) as an Internet marketing business model.

What Is Article Marketing?

article marketing is simply the process of writing simple articles and websites to disseminate the so-called "article directories." Such directories are sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles and Articlesbase. At the end of each article is sent, you are able to include links back to your website (or landing page), where you make an offer.

What is Bum Marketing?

"Bum Marketing" is a term coined a few years ago, which is a top internet marketer named Travis Sago. This is essentially the same as article marketing, but also includes the use of all types of free social media sites, commonly known as the "web 2.0 properties." In addition to the article directories will, bum marketers to submit articles on sites such as,, and "Grandpa" bum marketing world, Squidoo.

How effective are these business models?

The truth is that both straight and bum marketing article directory marketing is an incredibly powerful when business models. All kinds of people were exposed to a healthy online income using one or both of these methods. Unfortunately, if you fast-forward to a few Google updates later, the story changes dramatically.

You see, the name of the game in the world of free online marketing is that the content is high in the organic results of search engines, especially Google. And articles submitted to article directories and Web 2.0 sites used consistently ranked in the top side of the engine, sending droves of free traffic from these articles, which in turn sends many big marketers offer targeted leads the pages.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Today, self-hosted websites get the lion's share of search of love. This does not mean that the article marketing and bum marketing techniques do not always have their place. They most certainly do not. But the primary role has shifted dramatically.

Instead of these individual strategies are sent directly to the flow of money sites, it is now much more advisable to use both article directories and Web 2.0 sites that valuable, the -content anchor text links pointing to hosted websites to ensure that these sites themselves rankings in Google and other search engines.

Source by Robert W Harris

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